Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bombs and Ways to Evade Destruction

Underground Bomb Shelters

With globalization reaching a new high and the super powers of the world pitting against each other to have complete supremacy, a bomb explosion here or there has become all the more easy. With the escalating tempers of the world leaders and religious heads, our security can easily be breached. We shall only be the pawns in their hands to be sacrificed.

Family comes first; therefore it becomes absolutely necessary that they are protected. And what better way to protect you and your family than to commission underground bomb shelters. Bomb shelters are so designed that you can not only hope for perfect shelter; but also be perfectly hidden from view. These bomb shelters are basically underground survival shelters and are constructed at a depth of 4 feet from the surface of the ground. Made of strong concrete and steel these underground shelters provide protection like no other.

One of the many companies dedicated in making perfect underground bunkers is the North West Shelter Systems (NWSS for short). Your family can be safe and away from harm’s way when in these bunkers. These fallout shelters not only provide state of the art protection technology but also are tough materials and they can definitely stand up to bomb damage.

The North West Shelter Systems is a premium bunker construction company that keeps all the complex designs and calculation in mind when they take to construction of bunkers. The crude forms of bunkers available are not sufficient to guarantee you proper safety. You have to be completely assured and when you have the best, never settle for the rest. The North West Shelter Systems are the best in business and provide world class bomb protection units.

Modern day equipments like NBC filtration systems help create a secure environment and you rest assured that your family will not be harmed. The nuclear bomb shelters are created in a special manner with 8 inches thick walls made of concrete. These disaster bunkers look very much like an additional room, but only underground. It is important that these bunkers are accessible 24/7, for you will not be asked before a bomb goes off. The elite blast door came into being after extensive research and was found to be very effective against nuclear, bio chemical and blast radiation in the vicinity.

NBC Filtration Nuclear bomb shelters
There can also be additional rooms in the bunkers and food can be stashed away there. Water line, gas line and other necessities are to be taken care of; for you and your family have to stay in these survival bunkers until the bomb scare has passed away.

The new designs of the bunkers have doors and windows made of high tensile steel and just have faith that these bunkers will protect you no matter what. These are time tested capsules and have been experimented upon a lot. The NWSS, has pioneered the art of constructing disaster bunkers for two decades and can make durable Nuclear bomb shelters for prospective clients. All the structures have been tested and have been proved to withstand direct blast on it. Keep your family safe.

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